Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to lose weight easily!

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. ALL OF THEM.

2. Park your car as far as you can stand to.

3. Walk the entire mall 3 times.

4. Get a glass of water INSTEAD.

5. Take you neices/nephew outside for a walk.

6. Take your dog for a walk.

7. Munch on snacks instead of eating 3 huge meals a day.

8. Share a meal with a friend. And a cookie.

9. Laugh with a friend.

10. Ride your bike (remember how fun that was?!)

11. Take your nephew/niece to the park and to the pool.

12. Take your nephew/niece to the zoo (wear a tank top for an even tan and no makeup so that you can run after the little ones without makeup dripping down your face)

13. Eat tomato soup.

14. Eat half of your cheeseburger.

15. Know when you are stuffed and don't go overboard!

16. When you have a candy craving--cave in and don't worry about it! Just don't eat 3 bags of candy....

17. Enjoy your life and love your self.

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