Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to lose weight easily!

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. ALL OF THEM.

2. Park your car as far as you can stand to.

3. Walk the entire mall 3 times.

4. Get a glass of water INSTEAD.

5. Take you neices/nephew outside for a walk.

6. Take your dog for a walk.

7. Munch on snacks instead of eating 3 huge meals a day.

8. Share a meal with a friend. And a cookie.

9. Laugh with a friend.

10. Ride your bike (remember how fun that was?!)

11. Take your nephew/niece to the park and to the pool.

12. Take your nephew/niece to the zoo (wear a tank top for an even tan and no makeup so that you can run after the little ones without makeup dripping down your face)

13. Eat tomato soup.

14. Eat half of your cheeseburger.

15. Know when you are stuffed and don't go overboard!

16. When you have a candy craving--cave in and don't worry about it! Just don't eat 3 bags of candy....

17. Enjoy your life and love your self.

LUSH Therapy Massage Bar

I am on a lush kick right now and I was sold on Lush’s Therapy Massage Bar. Lush’s massage bars are my new favorite things! They are a solid but they melt quickly into the skin. Therapy Bar contains fair trade cocoa butter and shea butter for soft smooth skin. The smell is very strong and not necessarily the best. The cocoa butter gives off a chocolate smell and the lavender/neroli oil give off an orange scent so the bar smells like chocolately oranges. A lot of people don’t like the smell but I like it. I purchased Therapy bar because the Lush lady told me that the neroli oil in the bar brightens skin and fades stretch marks. The neroli oil can leave your skin a tiny bit greasy but I use dusting powder to keep dry or I just use it at night so I can wake up to touchable skin! I’ve been using this bar everyday for about three weeks and yes my stretch marks have faded but they haven’t completely disappeared. The bar disappeared though! The bar didn’t last as long as I hoped and for $10 a bar I don’t think I will be purchasing this one again.

Verdict: Skip Over

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karma soap by Lush

I received a sample block of Karma Soap by Lush Cosmetics and I wasn’t too crazy about the smell at all! It has patchouli oil and gardenia extract so it has a musky smell too it. It reminded me of some of my grandma’s perfume and this soap has a strong scent to it. It made my entire bathroom smell musky and my skin had a faint aroma to it. The soap is a beautiful red color and did moisturize my skin very nicely (my dry patches were noticeably smaller). My skin was smooth to the touch. Karma soap also contains lemongrass oil, pine oil, orange oil, rapeseed oil (canola oil is a rapeseed oil), coconut oil, and lavendin oil so the mixture of these oils helped soften my skin after one wash. The great thing about this soap is that it is vegan and contains no animal products. Also, Karma is one of Lush’s most famous soap. Lush has a line of products with the signature scent of Karma such as a perfume and dusting powder. However, I can’t really get over the smell. I like fruity and sweet smelling soap but this soap is too musky for me. I won’t be purchasing the full sized soap bar of Karma soap.

Verdict: Skip Over

MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation

I have been using MAC Mineralize NC45 for about 2.5 years now. It is the best liquid foundation on the market and I always save up the $30 to buy it! I normally ask for this for Christmas or birthday gift which anyone can get at Macy's. It is a very pricey foundation, but a little bit truly goes a loooong way. In fact, if you put too much of this foundation you will look orangey and gross so I would advise you to use a tiny dollop and then build to your desired color. I always use less than a pea size for all day coverage. MAC is great at providing heavily pigmented foundation. This foundation is perfect for anyone looking for heavy coverage to cover under eye circles, freckles, and sun spots. Most people are amazed to find out I have freckles from the sun because MAC covers them up so well! This foundation also contains Vitamin C and E which helps moisturize my skin and fade some of those pesky freckles. I love this foundation because it does provide the coverage I want, it doesn’t leave me cakey, gives a nice bronze glow, and a little bit will last me all day. I normally mix a dollop with some sunscreen (although it does contain SPF 15 already) and I don’t need to touch up at all. The only thing that does bother me about this foundation is that it will run in humidity….as do all liquid foundations. To help alleviate the runniness, I brush on some powder after applying foundation so that the powder will absorb the horrible Texas humidity and leave my face drip free.

Verdict: GET IT NOW!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nars Blush in Orgasm

Nars Orgasm blush has been a staple in my makeup bag for about 3 years now! I am a dedicated Nars addict but this is by far their best blush. I am Mexican with olive undertones and am tan throughout the entire year. This pink blush is the best pink for my skin tone but it is a universally flattering peachy-pink color. My younger sister is fair-skinned and she uses this color as well. This peachy-pink blush also contains golden flakes that define and highlight cheekbones. However, the golden flakes are so small and light that it doesn’t look like you just slathered glitter all over cheeks! Instead, you get a nice peachy-pink golden flush hence the name… I use it this as an everyday blush and I always get compliments on my high cheekbones when I wear this. First, I brush this in a circular motion on the apples of my cheeks. Then I lightly brush any leftover residue on the brush (I don’t redip so that it isn’t cakey! Plus a little bit of this goes a loooong way)on top of my cheekbone and blend outward towards my temples. I buff and buff so that the color is completely blended in my skin rather than leaving a stripe on my cheeks! I absolutely love this blush. It is pricey…$26 bucks a pop but mine has lasted me for about a year so it beats buying several drug store brands in one year. Also, the blush doesn’t get all the over my other makeup tools and you get a nice size mirror!

Verdict: GET IT NOW!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lush Demon in the Dark soap

I received a sample of Lush’s Demon in the Dark soap from my last trip to Lush (the Lush associates always give out free samples…so ask!). It’s a strange looking soap. It is a dark green with white foam on top and there is a piece of black wax that covers the entire chunk of soap. First you must peel off the wax before you use it and it came off fairly easily. This soap has a very strong spearmint smell and my skin feels like I rubbed menthol on it. This soap contains spearmint and peppermint oil so it has a nice cooling effect in the shower. It would be great after a hot day or in the morning to wake you up! Frankly, I did not enjoy this soap as much as my usual soap. The lather was light and it has a waxy texture due to the glycerin. Demon in the Dark soap is more suitable for a man because the smell is a “manly” smell. I like lightly fragranced, sweet, and floral soaps. My skin did feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards, but I won’t be purchasing the full-size bar. The smell is too minty for my liking.

Verdict: Skip Over

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

I am more of a soap bar girl. Shower gels seem like too much work…with the shower pouf you need to lather up and then rinse off the shower pouf. However, it was love at first sight when I saw this Almond Shower Oil at L’Occitane. I’ve been using L’Occitane’s Almond Supple Oil for a couple years now to keep my skin toned. I figured it was time to try its counterpart! I need some damage repair for my dry skin. This shower oil doesn’t have a shower gel texture. It feels like oil, but it is very thin and not at all a thick oil. The almond oil is deeply moisturizing for your skin, the lather is light, and the fragrance is wonderful! Your skin will be lightly perfumed and your bathroom will have a nice sweet almond smell afterwards. This shower gel calmed my skin and didn’t break me out at all. There wasn’t an oily residue on my skin either. This shower oil also works great as a shaving cream! My legs have never felt so silky smooth. I have been using this only as a shaving cream because it is very pricey…I paid $22 at the L’Occitane boutique for a medium sized bottle.

Verdict: GET IT NOW!