Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karma soap by Lush

I received a sample block of Karma Soap by Lush Cosmetics and I wasn’t too crazy about the smell at all! It has patchouli oil and gardenia extract so it has a musky smell too it. It reminded me of some of my grandma’s perfume and this soap has a strong scent to it. It made my entire bathroom smell musky and my skin had a faint aroma to it. The soap is a beautiful red color and did moisturize my skin very nicely (my dry patches were noticeably smaller). My skin was smooth to the touch. Karma soap also contains lemongrass oil, pine oil, orange oil, rapeseed oil (canola oil is a rapeseed oil), coconut oil, and lavendin oil so the mixture of these oils helped soften my skin after one wash. The great thing about this soap is that it is vegan and contains no animal products. Also, Karma is one of Lush’s most famous soap. Lush has a line of products with the signature scent of Karma such as a perfume and dusting powder. However, I can’t really get over the smell. I like fruity and sweet smelling soap but this soap is too musky for me. I won’t be purchasing the full sized soap bar of Karma soap.

Verdict: Skip Over

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