Monday, June 7, 2010

CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara Very Black

I am a mascara addict! I go through mascara quickly and I have tried them ALL. The regular ORANGE lash blast has been my personal favorite ever since it first came out. I can build and build my lashes without too much clumping. Everyone always compliments my lashes with this mascara. So when Cover Girl came out with the lash blast with VOLUME and LENGTH I practically ran over to try it out. The blackest black is my favorite because I love supppper dark lashes. In my opinion, Cover Girl truly does have the darkest black on the market.

I love the consistency of the product. It is not too watery or slimy like other mascaras I have tried. It dries very quickly so it doesn't get smudged quickly. Also, it doesn't clump up like other mascaras.
My lashes are pretty long to begin with, but this mascara really builds up that ends of your lashes which makes my lashes really pop out. Everyone always asks if these are my lashes. I of course, say yes and tell them to try the Lash BLast for that extra length and volume!

The problems I have with mascara is the flakiness and taking it off. This mascara unfortunately doesn't come off with soap and water. However, I heard that you shouldn't use soap as the soap can bleach the ends of your lashes and thus your lashes look shorter than they already are. I instead use vaseline to rub this mascara off and it comes completely off in about two swipes. As for the flakiness, it does still flake, but it is considerably less than other mascaras I have tried. Just check yourself in the mirror everyone once in a while and flick those flakes off! Other than that, this is my favorite mascara and I've since retired my orange Lash Blast bottle =)

Verdict: GET NOW!

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