Monday, June 7, 2010

Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler

I have been using this eyelash curler ever since I heard Heidi Klum rave about it on Tyra Bank's show a couple years ago. My lashes already are long and curled. However, this curler will keep a nice curl all day and will lengthen your eyelashes! I ALWAYS curl my lashes everyday before I add mascara and I have always gotten compliments on my lashes. This curler lasts quite a while as well. I have had it for about five years now and it still works the same as when I first bought it. It is about $18 at Sephora.com and comes with two refill pads. I wish they sold the refill pads separately. I've already used both of mine and have been using off brand refill pads from Walgreens or CVS because I haven't felt like spending another $18 for a new eyelash curler.

This product is easy to use you simply curl from the base of your lashes for about 30 seconds. You never pump the curler just keep it pressed for 20-30 seconds whichever is more comfortable for you. Then let it go and voila LONG, CURLED LASHES that touch my eyebrow bone! I don't even need to curl all the way to the ends like other eyelash curlers. Also, I always get a curl in just one try. Really easy, painless and fast. I just swipe on some mascara (LashBlast Fusion by Cover Girl) and I am able to get done with my eye makeup in about two minutes.

Verdict: GET NOW!

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