Monday, June 14, 2010

Loccitane En Provence L'Occitane 100% Pure Mini Shea Butter 8ml

I am a huge L' Occitane fan (not of their prices but you gotta pay for the good stuff!) and have been satisified with nearly everything I've ever purchased from the boutique. My elbows and knees have been drying out severely (probably from being in the pool too much--it's summer!) and I needed a quick fix. I did some research online and shea butter is an all natural body moisturizer that is great for sensitive skin. I found this tin at loccitane.com and decided to try out this 100% organic mini shea butter balm. It has almost a waxy texture-- it isn't a lotion or a thick cream. It is a balm so it is sold in the tin, but smooths quickly and evenly onto skin. I've been using this product for about two week. After my shower, I just rub this balm on my elbows and knees and I wake up to smooth skin! I love that this stuff hasn't broken my skin out and I see absolutely no flakes. I use it as a cuticle conditioner as well when I am at stop lights. My hands aren't greasy aftwerwards, and you don't need to rub forever for the balm to sink into your skin. I don't use it on my face because it pretty thick and the heat is suffocating down here! I rather not wake up to clogged pores! There isn't much I hate about this product except that is is pricey. All in all a nice, versatile product and super moisturizing.

Verdict: GET IT NOW!

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