Sunday, June 13, 2010

Neutrogena Age Shield plus Repair SPF 55

As yall all know I am on a sunblock kick because all the celebrities and doctors are raving about sun protection. I bought Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock plus Repair SPF 55 because 1) it has a high SPF, 2) Neutrogena is a superb brand and I trust it, 3) this sunblock contains Essential Soy which has been clincially proven to help reduce the appearance of Sun Spots (I have many; I am a sun addict), 4) it also contains Vitamin E and Feverfew which are skin antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals. I was really looking for a sunblock that could even out my skin tone. I heard essential soy is great to even out sun spots. This sunblock was cheaper than Aveeno sunblock which also contain essential soy. It was about $12 at Target.

I've been using this product for about a month. I am not impressed with this product at all. My skin is brighter and a little bit more even, but my old sun spots are still there with no significant difference. They say it should take 6-8 weeks before there is any improvement, but I will not continue to use this on my face anymore. First off, I live in Texas where the humidity is awful! Neutrogena claims this sunblock is oil-free but my face was for the most part oily. Every time I went outside the humidity and this sunblock made my face shiny. It wasn't super greasy, but I didn't like the shine. I've used other sunblocks that didn't leave my face oily so I will go back to those. Other than leaving my face shiny, it was a pretty good sunblock and I will continue to use the rest of it on my body (Target does not accept returns on opened products). It does provide great sun protection and provides daily moisture. However, I will no longer use this as a sunblock for my face.

Verdict: Skip Over

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