Monday, June 7, 2010

Tigi Rockaholic All Access Shampoo Bar

I know what you are thinking.......using a bar of soap for your hair??? That is exactly what I thought. I love trying new things, but I thought this bar of soap would strip it of all my hair's healthy oil. I was soooo wrong!

This shampoo bar is very moisturizing, but effective at cleaning up an oily scap. It contains sage and rosemary which cleans and moisturizes. My hair gets greasy everyday, because of the humidity in Houston. However, this soap bar washes away all the oil, but still keeps my hair shiny and soft. I don't even need to use a bottle of conditioner anymore. This bar soap is all I use to wash my hair. My hair is always soft,shiny and wavy. I've never had a shampoo that brings out my waves like this bar of shampoo does.

Don't get it confused with a bar of soap. This is NOT a bar of soap. It is shampoo that has been compressed into a solid. It is eco-friendly (no HUGE plastic bottles) and cheaper than most salon hair shampoos which can run at least $20 at ULTA. This shampoo bar was $10 at ULTA and I've had it for about 3 months and have only used about half of the shampoo bar.

The shampoo can be slippery when sliding over the hair, but you get used to it. Also, the neon green residue this shampoo bar leaves on the counter is annoying. I may get a shampoo bar tin for it. My only big problem I have with this shampoo is the smell. The smell is not nice, or fruity like women's shampoos usely smell like. This shampoo bar has a musky, manly smell that I don't like at all! However, the smell isn't super strong nor does it linger after a shower. I've never had anyone mention that my hair smells "manly." But people do tell me I have gorgeous, long, shiny, wavy hair! I love this shampoo bar and it will always be a staple in my bathroom. I just hope they come out with a nicer smelling shampoo bar soon!

Verdict: GET NOW!

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